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Goal, Pole, and Column Padding 

Padding Depot is your go-to source for exceptional Column and Goal Post Padding. Offering a quick, safe solution to exposed columns, posts and I Beam Pads. Padding available, square or round and in custom size. Constructed using 16 -18 oz coated vinyl covering and 2" - 4” thick high-density open cell urethane foam. Available in closed cell foam for outdoor use.


Please fill out our custom order form. For round post pads, we need the diameter of the post and the height needed. For square post pads, we need the length of each side of the post and the height needed.

Mounting and Attatchments


Lace Up

Wood backed

Lettering and Logos available. 


Column Padding

Velcro Attatchment


Goal Post Padding

Lace-Up Attachment

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