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Dandy Products Prides Itself On Delivering the Best Quality Products No Matter What Industry You Are In.

...To All Sport Padding
From Vet Padding...

Dandy Products began in the late 1980's with a vision of lighter water jumps to travel with to horse shows. The company was founded by two men; Dan and Andy. They designed and manufactured their first Liverpool in 1988. The Liverpools were an immediate success. 


From there they designed a portable wall pad to protect the show horse during traveling. This was the beginning of Dandy Products we know today.

Founding of Dandy Products


Incorporating in 1989, production increased and more products were added.  Leading to the expansion of Veterinary Recovery and Surgery Padding. Dandy Products can now be seen in universities, veterinary hospitals, private barns, horse show venues, zoos, ball fields and gymnasiums throughout the world. 


You could say it was a little bit of luck and a whole lot of grit that went into creating Dandy Products, but what it came down to was a lifelong passion for horses and a lot of great friends contributing their part to create the most trusted name in padding and flooring solutions.


Thank you to everyone for making Dandy Products what it is today! 

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