Room Padding


Recovery Room Padding

Dandy Products specializes in Recovery and Induction Room Wall Padding. With over 30 years experience working with Veterinary Hospitals around the country. All rooms and stalls are custom made, with windows, outlets and handles cut out. Our padding is made of high density, open cell or closed cell foam, covered in 22-26 oz. nylon-reinforced vinyl. You choose the desnity (soft-extra firm), and height of pads. Thickness is available in 2" or 3".  The padding is easy to install, maintain and clean. There are three mounting systems available:

Table Positioning & Surgery Pads

Our Dandy Table & Surgery Padding is excellent for all operating room needs. Table & Surgery Pads are custom sized and made to order. 


The padding is designed from a high-density foam that is covered in a high strength, 22 oz. nylon-reinforced vinyl. Depending on what your need and use for the padding is, you can choose between several different densities of foam. Then once you have selected your specified density, you can then select your desired thickness.

Table Positioning &  Surgery Pads


Specialty Systems

Speacialty Systems

Our Dandy Specialty Padding Systems can accommodate any size or shape stock or swing gate. Specializing in hard to pad areas using a variety of foam types to accommodate a variety of applications. If it has a surface, we can pad it. All pads are custom made of 1 inch to 6 inches thick high-density foam covered in a range of 22 oz. to 26 oz. nylon reinforced vinyl. Our Specialty Padding Systems are easy to clean and disinfect for simple maintenance.

Floor Pads

Our Dandy Knock Down and Floor pads have many uses within the vet clinic and zoo setting. They can be used as a portable pad for surgery or as a protective floor pad and recovery. The Knock Down and Floor pads range from 6 inches to 20 inches of high-density open cell polyurethane foam, covered in our 22-40 oz. nylon-reinforced vinyl. Extremely easy to clean and maintain, our Knock Down and Floor pads are made to order depending on your need with optional breakaway velcro handles for easy transport.

Floor Pads


Neonatal Beds

Neonatal Beds

The Neonatal Foal Bed is made of 3-inch High-Density Foam, covered in blue flame retardant vinyl. The bed has an aluminum framed bottom and elevated with an optional wheelbase. Four individual pieces make up the bed that velcro together for easy assembly. 

D.Pro Rubber Wall Padding

Perfect for Universities, Zoo's and Equine Veterinary Facilities. D.Pro Rubber Wall Padding combines a soft under layer of special foam coupled with a tough top liner. Learn more about D.Pro Rubber Wall Padding by clicking below. To get a quote for D.Pro Rubber Wall Padding See Get Quote.

D.Pro Rubber Wall Padding