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Kick Pads & Stall Padding


Stall Padding/Kick Pads

Kick pads... Do you have a Kicker? Dandy Products can help you protect them and your walls with a heavy duty solution. Our kick pads designed out of 2" high-density foam covered in 22-40 oz. nylon reinforced vinyl. Our pads are covered with Grommets all around the perimeter (every 12") for easy installation. All padding can be custom sized and colored upon customers request. 

Stall Wall Padding: Clean looking wall padding, Semi-Permanent wood backed pads made of 1/2" plywood, 2-3" thick high density foam, covered in 22-26 oz vinyl. 1" lip top and bottom for an easy bolting up installation.

Trailer & Van Padding

Dandy Trailer and Van Padding systems are perfect for any trailer, offering protection and comfort. Here are the different systems that Dandy Product's offers.

Trailer & Van Padding

Specialty Systems

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Speacialty Systems

Our Dandy Specialty Padding Systems can accommodate any size or shape stock or swing gate. Specializing in hard to pad areas using a variety of foam types to accommodate a variety of applications. If it has a surface, we can pad it. All pads are custom made of 1 inch to 6 inches thick high-density foam covered in a range of 22 oz. to 26 oz. nylon reinforced vinyl. Our Specialty Padding Systems are easy to clean and disinfect for simple maintenance.

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