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Equine Safety Surfacing Systems

Pavesafe™ Rubber Bricks

The Dandy Products Pavesafe™ bricks are the solution to covering any and all surfaces that see constant use. Designed to reduce slip and provide comfortable surfaces for large animals.


Made of recycled tire rubber, these interlocking dog bone shaped bricks are attractive way to cover slippery surfaces.

The Ultimate in Barn Flooring



3 cups


To Fit Any


Easy Install

1½ cups


3 cups


The Pavesafe™ solution is slip resistant, boasting an excellent coefficient rate, wet or dry and is unaffected by extreme temperatures or ice. They are a great long lasting surface solution for areas that see heavy equine traffic. The best part... they are easy to install and maintain.

Available in 4 different colors to accommodate any barn or facility.

Solid Black, Terra Cotta Red, Slate Gray, Forest Green


Pavesafe™ Bricks: 7/8" or 1 3/4" Thick

Installation is easy... See for yourself

Ideal Solution

When dealing with large animals, having a safe and reliable floor for them to stand on is vital. PaveSafe™ provides the ideal solution for large animals. Providing a non-slip, comfortable surface for them to stand and walk on.


When deciding to install  PaveSafe™, we work with you to see what size and color would best fit your stable and your taste. You tell us what you have in mind, and we create the solution to your specification.

Easy Install

How easy is it to get your PaveSafe™? Watch the video below and see for yourself. Once we receive the materials and final "ok" installation is available.. 

Long Lasting

The PaveSafe™ solution is a long-lasting solution that can stand up to constant heavy use.

Pavesafe Installation

Pavesafe Installation

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