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Aisle Way Runners

Selected Colors

  • Top Row: Black 10%, Grey, Blue, Red, Green, Tan

  • 2nd Row: 20% Grey, Birght Red, 35% Tan

Cover any floor surface with our Dandy Products Aisle Way Runners. Our 4' wide, any length, rubber mats are fantastic for indoor/outdoor use. The Dandy Runners are designed from a non-slip, recycled tire rubber that can be adhered down to cement or asphalt. Can be loose laid or adhered to cement or asphalt. Available for custom orders for length and color.


  • Available Thicknesses: 1/4"   3/8"  1/2"

  • Black, Gray, Blue, Green, Red, Tan

  • Color Percentages Available 10%-35% Color Fleck

  • 4 ft. wide

  • Custom Lengths

  • Adhere to Floor

  • Roll Out


Dandy Products prides itself on providing the highest quality padding solutions to its customers while maintaining the most straightforward process of installation and maintenance possible.


Interested in a custom Aisle Way Runner? Fill out our custom order form or give us a call. 


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