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Schooling & WaterJump Tarps

Fiona The Hippo- Cincinnati Zoo, OH

Schooling Tarps

Dandy Products Schooling Tarps provides a simple yet profound solution to schooling Liverpools. Made of heavy duty blue and black vinyl. Our schooling tarps are light weight and roll up easily to carry to the ring. 



We offer two types of tarps: 


2' x 9' Reversible Blue and Black


FEI Tarp 1m x 3m

Made of heavy duty 40oz vinyl in royal blue. 


FEI Schooling Tarps


waterjump Tarps

Dandy Products Waterjump Tarps is the new way to school the waterjumps. Roll up or roll out the Waterjump Tarp to school the perfect size of water for your horse. Built with heavy duty, standard blue vinyl, and built in white foam take off and landing rails on each side.

Expands out too 10' x 11'

2" Foam rails built in

Schooling Waterjump Tarp 4.jpg
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