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Top dog flooring

Dandy Products offers the same solutions as it does for large animals, for small animals. Dandy Products provide rubber flooring solutions to working dogs who have to work on non-forgiving surfaces like cement. Our solution offers an attractive, durable, easily maintained surface that protects the animals with a non-slip, cushioned surface.


  • Dog Agility, Training and Daycares

  • Recycled Tire Rubber

  • Wet and Dry No Slip

  • 4' Wide, Custom Length, 8mm Thick

  • Black with 10% Color Fleck (Gray or Blue)

  • Easy Clean and Maintenance 


Dandy Products prides itself on providing the highest quality padding solutions to its customers while maintaining the most straightforward process of installation and maintenance possible.


Interested in custom stall mat solutions? Fill out our custom order form or give us a call. 

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