Have a troublesome area that traditional solutions just couldn't fix? Dandy Products uses a variety of materials and designs to accommodate any area needing safety surfacing for all customers. Whether you are installing padding on walls, columns, floors or rubber surfacing, Dandy Products is up to the challenge. 


Some of our past projects required us to think out of the box. One such project was when we were asked by The Cincinnati Zoo  to create padding and protective floor mats for the world famous baby hippo, Fiona's nursery. Taking from our experience with large animal veterinary clinics, we were able to play our part in providing Fiona with safety surfacing in her world class nursery. 



It's In the Details...

Dandy Products Inc. provides an extensive list of handcrafted tack trunks and barn equipment. From small bit boxes to large vertical med trunks, Dandy Products prides itself on providing the very best in barn solutions. 


Controlling the manufacturing process from start to finish, Dandy Products ensures that your trunk or piece of barn equipment will withstand the rigors of daily use and showing. 


If you are interested in a custom solution, Dandy Products can accommodate you with orders of 60 units or more.


Please see our full list of tack trunks and barn equipment by clicking the link below.

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