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For over 30 years Dandy Products Inc has been serving the sport of Equestrian with the best Liverpools. As we go into this new decade, it is time for another type of Rubber Liverpools and Waterjumps. Our tradition has not changed, we are here to help create success in and out of the show ring.. The Dandy Products Liverpool is easy to transport and easy to maintain. Coming in an assortment of colors and sizes, these Liverpools can accommodate any show or training need. 


Single Color Options:

Royal Blue, Black, Green, Red, Yellow, Gray, Tan and Brown.


Two Color Combinations: (Examples)

Blue with White Trim, Blue with Black Trim. (Available in 1 or 2 Color Combinations)


Two Frame Configuration:

2" Rigid & Soft Frame



Standard Sizes:

2' x 8'  10'4" x 4'  10'5" x 6'  10' x 9'  11' x 5'  11' x 10'



When it comes to design, Dandy Products provides a blank canvas for you to create your desired product. You want a specific color and size... done.


Please feel free to fill out our custom request form or give us a call. 

Standard Liverpool

  • Single Color Option

  • 2" Frame

  • 2' x 9' Configuration

Standard Liverpool

  • Single Color Option

  • 2" Frame

  • 30'' x 45'' Configuration

Training Liverpool

  • Single Color Option

  • 2" Frame

  • 2' x 9' Configuration

Standard Liverpool

  • Two Color Option

  • 2"  Frame

  • 10'4"x4'


  • Single Color Option

  • 4"  Frame

  • 30"x 45"

Water Jump Mats​​

  • 3/8" to 1/2" Black Rubber

  • Painted Aqua-Blue

  • Heavy Duty Rubber

  • Glued to Base 

  • Size Customizable

Rubber Liverpools and Water Trays/Waterjumps

RubberLiverpool5 (2)

NEW "Made in the USA" Rubber Liverpools and Water Trays/Waterjumps. Made of 3 ply Blue traction rubber, 3mm thick, and  2" Black SBR Rubber Sidewalls. They are Portable and can roll up for easy transport and storage. These New Rubber Water obstacles are great for show rings and practice at home.  Easy to set up in grass fields, sand rings, and Indoor Horse Shows. Used for Talent Search, Grand Prix, Championships and FEI Classes. 

Rubber Liverpools have 4 sides

available sizes 

10' x 4' , 11' x 5' , 9'6" x 5' and 9'6" x 4

Rubber Waterjumps/Water Trays  have 2 sides and flush take off and landing.

Available Sizes

 5'6" x 11'6" , 8' x 12' , 8' x 14' , 10' x 11' , 10' x 14' , & 10' x 16'    


Custom Sizes Available

Water Jump Training Tarp

Waterjump Training Tarp 

  • 11' x10'

  • Standard Blue

  • Heavy Duty Vinyl

  • 2"  Foam, white takeoff and landing sides

Dandy Products Provides Many Different Liverpool and Water Jump, and Mat Solutions.

Fill Out Our Custom Order Form and Get Your Dandy Products Liverpool Today!

Circle Liverpool

  • 3.5' Diameter

  • Single Color Option

  • 2" Frame

Hexagon Liverpool

  • 4' Diameter

  • Single Color Option

  • 2" Frame



Whether it's colors, shapes, firmness or orientation, Dandy Products can accommodate your request for a custom Liverpool!

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