Foam Jumps

 Grey Stone Box Jump

  • 6'x2'x1' Configuration

  • Single Box

  • Brick Design or Stone Design

  • Wood Bottom (High-Density Foam)

Foam Jumps 

  • 2 Box Set

  • 16"(T)x12"(W)x48"(L) (each piece)

  • Variety of Designs

  • Heavy Duty Vinyl & Foam

  • Wood Bottom 

  • Ex: Picket Fence

Foam Jump: Example

  • Variety of Designs

  • Wood Bottom


Create your personalized course to train and test your skill. Our jumps have been used at horse shows throughout the world for the past 30 years. Call or fill out a custom form today!


All banners are manufactured with velcro straps for easy attachment to any pole.


Dandy Products Customer Vinyl Jump Banners


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