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Table, Positioning & Surgery Pads

Table Padding
Dandy Products Positioning and Wedge Pads
Dandy Products Positioning Pads
Dandy Products Wedge Pad

Table Pads

Our Dandy Table & Surgery Padding is excellent for all operating room needs. Table & Surgery Pads are custom sized and made to order. 


The padding is designed from a high-density foam that is covered in a high strength, 22 oz. nylon-reinforced vinyl. Depending on what your need and use for the padding is, you can choose between several different densities of foam. Then once you have selected your specified density, you can then select your desired thickness.


Dandy Products prides itself on providing the highest quality padding solutions to its customers while maintaining the most straightforward process of installation and maintenance possible.




  • Custom  Design

  • 22 oz. Nylon-Reinforced Vinyl 

  • Soft to Extra Firm Density

  • Variable Thickness and Height

  • Easy Clean and Easy Maintenance

  • Handles and Velcro Attachments Available

Wedge Pads

Our Dandy Wedge Pads are great for any veterinary clinic need. Made of open-cell polyurethane foam, covered in 22 oz. vinyl. The Wedge Pads are sized for large or small animals depending on your need and request. Our wedge positioning pads can be customized to meet your specific need.




Folding Pads
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Folding Head Pads

Our Dandy Folding Head Pads include a single pad that folds into three different sections. The pieces can be customized to fit your individual need. Each section is broken down into an 8" x 12" panel, made of open or closed cell foam. Overall measurement 24" x 12" by 1" or 2" thick. However, each Folding Head Pad can be customized to meet your specific need.

  • Leg Pad Dimensions: 24" x 24" x 6"


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