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Specialty Padding Systems

If it needs padding, we can accommodate you. 

Custom Specialty Systems

Pool Padding

Custom padding designed for our specialty systems.

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Dandy Products Specialty System 5
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Our Dandy Specialty Padding Systems can accommodate any size or shape stock or swing gate. Specializing in hard to pad areas using a variety of foam types to accommodate a variety of applications. If it has a surface, we can pad it. All pads are custom made of 1 inch to 6 inches thick high-density foam covered in a range of 22 oz. to 26 oz. nylon reinforced vinyl. Our Specialty Padding Systems are easy to clean and disinfect for simple maintenance.

  • Breeding Sheds

  • Stocks

  • Swing Gates

  • Columns & Posts


Dandy Products prides itself on providing the highest quality padding solutions to its customers while maintaining the most straightforward process of installation and maintenance possible.


  • Custom  Design

  • 22-26 oz. Nylon-Reinforced Vinyl 

  • Soft to Extra Firm Density

  • Variable Thickness and Height

  • Easy Clean and Easy Maintenance

  • 3 Kinds of Attachments

Custom Mounting Systems

D - Ring Connection
Treated Wood Paneling
Velcro Backing

Dandy Mats & Kennel Pads

Kennel Pads: A fluid resistant, comfortable and warm pad to keep your friends off the ground. Made of 1" or 2" closed cell foam, covered in 18 oz. -22 oz. vinyl.

Dandy Mats: Heavy duty durable rubber mats 1/2 to 3/4 inch , non-pouris fluid resistant perfect for kennels runs and cages. Only in black. Available in 3 sizes 4 x6 3x4 2x3.

Dandy Mats & Kennel Pads 

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Kennel Pads
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